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Buy to Order for property investors

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What is Buy to Order?

Many property investors would like to invest in supported living but don’t know where to start. Making contact with local providers can be tricky and property needs vary – how do you figure out what type of property to look for? We set up Buy to Order to help investors see specific property requirements before investing, find the right provider to work with and buy the right property for their chosen partner to lease. 

We have hundreds of supported living provider members across the UK and they are adding new property requests all the time. By becoming a Supported Living Gateway VIP member, you will gain access to these requests and be able to submit your proposals directly to the providers. The property requests contain all the crucial information you will need to select the right property: from the number of bedrooms and outdoor space/parking requirements, to the approximate rent the provider can afford to pay and the tenants they work with. Not only can you target the right sort of property purchases, you can also partner with a provider that best resonates with your own values.  

What is Buy to Order?

This creates a win-win situation: providers are able to find properties that meet their requirements, and property investors can target their next acquisition to create homes for those who need them the most whilst simultaneously growing their supported living portfolio.  

Our fee structure is simple: on top of your monthly membership fee, you pay us a one-off lease arrangement fee, which is the equivalent of one months lease amount plus VAT. 

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20th May 2024

Is your care property sitting on the thousands of pounds in unclaimed tax relief?

If you have purchased a property used for care or supported living and/or spent thousands of pounds to develop, refurbish and adapt a building used as a care facility, you are likely due a tax repayment and future tax savings from HMRC.

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9th May 2024

Lack of housing in the children’s homes sector

An article published earlier this year, John Pearce, President of The Association of Directors of Children Services (ADCS), a leading children’s service provider, explains the challenges in finding accommodation for a children looking for a home, and how, in this sector in particular, need is more than outstripping supply.

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28th April 2024

The importance of supported housing cannot be overstated

The supported housing sector is in dire need of your investment and participation as property investors. By entering this market, you can play a pivotal role in providing quality, supportive homes for some of the most vulnerable members of society.

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23rd April 2024

Success breeds success: the value of experience....

Supported living property investing is a hot topic and will continue to be, as the need for good homes in the sector is not going away.

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